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Originally Posted by gallandof View Post
Bob, if you dont mind uploading the book up here, or at least some parts, im sure some of us would help proof read, and its always good to get an outside opinion (i cant read my own writing or eat my own food i only find flaws)
I can't do it because of contract issues and corporate disclosure policies. Rather dry technical stuff, I'm afraid. No big secrets, but I must follow rules. I am, however, working on a book about plastics. Perhaps there are some lovers of Celluloid Nitrate and Casein that might find my work helpful.

This one is a real page turner due to threats of lawsuits and the disruption of the handmade fountain pen industry. A true potboiler. Let me just say, the Acrylic Acetate did it in the wood shop with a candlestick.

I am also writing an article about Dupont Paint and their development of a certain paint was nothing short of revolutionary in the market place. Painters these days have it easy.

Any takers?

Should I write a book geared towards the mass market, I just might elude to it on the list. I am finishing a project for a well known craft supplier and perhaps I'll put it on my web site with a link in my sig.

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