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I just wanted to pop in and say I LOVE TouchDown for Exchange. I tried using the built in Exchange support but I like things like being able to schedule when I poll for new email. I turn off scheduling for the weekend so I can escape work for two days.

I run Exchange 2007 w/ wildcard cert with no issues.

@billd I'm so glad that I don't use Exchange.
Why? Exchange is wonderful. Before the I got the Droid thats how I managed to keep my contacts in sync between all my devices.

@oceanlight i'm told exchange servers are crazy complicated. even some seasoned pro network-admins don't know all the ins and outs of all the settings.
That's funny, if you admin Exchange you BETTER know the ins n out! It would really suck to have a corrupt Exchange data store for a fortune 500 company without knowing how to get it back up and running!

@ParadingLunatic I'm one of the Network Admins for my company and my Droid syncs with Exchange perfectly. We were running on Exchange 2003 and recently went to Exchange 2007 and using a wildcard certificate which is one reason why I had to replace my old Motorola...
Not that this matters but there was a reg hack for WinMo 5.0 that allowed wildcard certs. We had to train our Desktop team on how to hack the phone so they could get our users up and running.

I also want to echo that VZW does not charge extra for Exchange syncing. They do however charge extra for Good Messaging support.
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