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Originally Posted by RickJ View Post
What the heck is wrong with you guys?

Plenty of people have reported that the problems with the usb went away with an exchange of, or using the proper cable. There are several threads on this issue, not just this one.

As far as physical damage sprint has a tech memo showing how to determine if it was by abuse or mfg defect, ie bad solder joints. That memo was floated either on this or another forum. Those who have this problem have had it replaced under htc waranty, no deductable and plenty have posted to that effect.

Those which had cracked ports, damaged boards or other physical damage of course have to pay the deductable for insurance, a no-brainer. And then there is of course the bottom line, if it hasnt happened to you then no use arguing the point. Im sure there have been plenty of cases where sprint has initially declined repairing/replacing but thats in line with what every other dealer does and its up to the conumer to elevate and pussh the issue.

As far as questioning someones service because they stated they worked in an office at some point, thats just absurd and shortsighted without any understanding as to how the various branches of the military work.
Before you fall head-over-heals for this punk, you need to read his postings, and physical damage can be the result of a defective product failing with normal use, which should be remedied by the manufacturer, not the end user's insurer. Read the postings.

Regarding questioning one's service, read the punk's postings.
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