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Originally Posted by Panchoevo View Post
Before you fall head-over-heals for this punk, you need to read his postings, and physical damage can be the result of a defective product failing with normal use, which should be remedied by the manufacturer, not the end user's insurer. Read the postings.

Regarding questioning one's service, read the punk's postings.
Ha, a very tactful reply that I've come to expect from Panchoevo. All kidding aside, my comments were in general and the real point is that a useful thread will likely end up being closed for no good reason. Plenty of peoples (non broken usb) port issues were cleared up by changing or using the correct plugs, Sprint has changed them out for being loose or damaged and as per my above post Sprint has replaced phones for bad solder connections under warranty.

Users have stated this in this thread as well as others so IMO nothing to get too worked up about. As this thread is pretty old, I have no doubt that Sprint initially categorized all usb problems as abuse, thats not the case now as htc, or sprint has distributed a memo on how to determine abuse v defect.

There is some question as to what falls into the category of real abuse just based on the design of the plug, however other users have been proactive and changed to right angled plugs to help alleviate the issue.

I will add though, your last option under free lawyering gave me a good laugh. While yes technically an option, we all know that the end result would give consumers virtually nothing. Thats assuming it would be settled, which I don't see happening since sprint hasnt been refusing warranty claims across the board.
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