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Originally Posted by Hrethgir View Post
If they are interesting subjects about something you might not think had an interesting history, then I'll read them! I'm reading a book about the history of Aspirin right now... for the second time. Who know a little white pill that helps get rid of headaches could have such an interesting history full of politics, indutstial espianage, backstabbing and all sorts of other shennanigans starting in ancient Egypt and including helping Bayer bankroll the Nazi regime in WWII? Sure I'll read a book about plastics and paint!

It's pretty interesting. I'd heard the basics of the story, but never read it. Then I found it on Laputa, and gave it a go. I'd recommend it.
A friend maintains that if aspirin were discovered today, it would be expensive and by prescription only. Not too sure about that, but it is an amazing compound.

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