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Originally Posted by Roze View Post
I used to do that when I was on summer breaks. I'd spend 14+ hours reading and read a book a day. Eyes kind of went like this =.= but I do miss the ability to read without a care in the world and be really absorbed into the story.

I have quite the active imagination and I prefer reading the book to watching the movie of the book. When I'm reading, I FEEL like I'm in the story. If I reach out, I can touch the people in it. So to me a book is more realistic and life like than a movie. Only movie(s) I found that was on par with any books were the LOTR trilogy
Indeed. There are many books that I think would make phenomenal movies, but alas they would cast the wrong people and so on and then it would be totally smurfed up (yes I autocensor myself when typing) For example, Sahara the Clive Cussler novel was awesome, the movie had 2 jackazzes in it, sucked mostly. William H Macy was indeed who I though would be best at the role of admiral, but alas that didn't fix the total smurf up of a movie.

I really Liked LOTR and so far I like Harry Potter for what it is. (again teenage angst and all that BS but still)

Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
You'll love it Xyro (you suck if you dont!! LOL)
Seriously though, lets us know what you think while your reading it, would love to have a thread dedicated to it, discussions about plot kinda thing. (with no spoilers of course)
I suppose I will have to try nightangel. Never heard of it, but that doesn't mean much.
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