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Originally Posted by jaytime View Post
I'm having similar problems as others. I used ROM manager, which is using the latest CloworkMod recovery. I can tell that apps go to my SD car, and I can see the partition in my Disk Manager in Windows. However, I can't assign a drive letter to it there, so I can't browse on my computer. I don't see system\sd or sd-ext anywhere when browsing with Root Explorer. Using terminal emulator, I get the same '/system/sd: no such file or directory' message. And I don't see SD Card Secondary (or anything besides my SD card and internal phone storage) in my Settings>SD card & phone storage.

How can I browse the partition on my phone? Where are these APKs going?

I would prefer to stick with ROM Manager to do it. Something about AmonRA instructions didn't seem right to me. I could potentially use gParted as someone else suggested. However, that leads me to other questions, such as whether to put the new partition at the beginning of the drive (unlike ROM Manager, which put it at the end--and maybe that's why it isn't working). I could do it with Disk Manager on my computer too if I knew the answer to that question.

On a Droid.

Any help would be appreciated. Help focused on using ROM Manager would be preferred. Would flashing SPRecovery be better? I will likely try this next.
I'm not exactly sure how you would be able to view the ext partion on your phone. But with windows you cannot as it does not support the ext file system. You would need some 3rd party program to view ext partions in windows.

But the APK's are being stored on the ext partion on your sdcard i can confirm this because linux is able to see the partion as linux uses the ext file system. That's how i checked to see if my app2sd was working.

I doubt most of us here know what sprecovery is or anything droid related for that matter. But you never know.
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