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Is anyone else having trouble getting push notifications? For the last week or so, I don't get any game notifications anymore (visual or audible). I have checked and unchecked all of my settings. Still nothing.

Originally Posted by MDbandit View Post
definately a lot of cheaters on here

i find it real odd that its a rocket scientist on the other end of my game
you can go to college and get a degree and still not know half the words most people use, pitiful

like if people really knew all these words and got them out of their head instead of using computer software to auto-find all the words out of their given letters then they would be on jeapardy or who wants to be a millionaire type tv games winning big money,instead of cheating people on android for free

of course no one will admit they are cheating
they'll just have us believe they are akin to Einstein
First off, how are you sure that they are cheating? I play tons of words that I couldn't ever use in a sentence. Play long enough and experiment with enough tiles trying to score a TW and you will have a pretty expansive "scrabble" vocabulary in no time.

The only time it really sticks out to me is when there is a rush of 6-7 letter random words. 2-5 letter words? Not so much, those are easy to stumble across.

At the end of the day, just beat them anyways. There is a strategy beyond knowing a laundry list of obscure words. If you are still getting a sandy vagina, then uninstall it.
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