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Originally Posted by bvbull200 View Post
Is anyone else having trouble getting push notifications? For the last week or so, I don't get any game notifications anymore (visual or audible). I have checked and unchecked all of my settings. Still nothing.

First off, how are you sure that they are cheating? I play tons of words that I couldn't ever use in a sentence. Play long enough and experiment with enough tiles trying to score a TW and you will have a pretty expansive "scrabble" vocabulary in no time.

The only time it really sticks out to me is when there is a rush of 6-7 letter random words. 2-5 letter words? Not so much, those are easy to stumble across.

At the end of the day, just beat them anyways. There is a strategy beyond knowing a laundry list of obscure words. If you are still getting a sandy vagina, then uninstall it.

I cant see air, but I know its there...............

You can play tons of words you cant use in a sentence, which would most likely mean you dont know what they mean, but yet you can spell them 100% perfect (have to for wordfeud to accept). That sounds like a cheater(cheaters can spell words, but of course dont know and could care less what they mean). How is it you know how to spell words right, but not have a CLUE what they mean? Silly math to me. What school or institution teaches people how to spell words, but never the meaning of them? Have you ever watch a spelling bee? They always ask what the word means, to help them spell it. You obviously dont know what the words mean if you cant use in a sentence, but yet your spelling on them is 100%. Just doesnt add up. At all. Theres like what 200K words in the dictionary? And I guess you just remember the spelling by people playing the words against you(therefore not needing to know the defintion). That's one hell of a memory. You should be on a game show winning real money if you are truly that bright

I mean you can have an encylopedia next to you to check words(which I do not think is cheating),but wants the point of an encylcopedia if you honestly dont know how to spell the word you're looking up?

Like I said, you can be a moron and believe everybody is bright,but wasting all their talent on a wordfeud game, or you can wake up and smell the coffee, your choice. 80% of the people playing are simply not walking encyclopedias.

Sure there is a strategy, but if you cant come up with words your strategy is useless. You cant score a TW if you cant figure out an obsure word to fit the puzzle you need in the game. I mean come on there are hundreds of sites out there like the guy posted in this topic already,dont be nieve.

You're probably one of the cheaters, since you getting offended. You can fool everybody else, not me.
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