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Originally Posted by imasmartmonkey View Post
I recently got the droid x and relinquished my blackberry curve. I love this phone but I have one major problem. I am a psychologist, and use my X to schedule all of my appointments, and keep track of my clients. Because of legal issues and client privacy laws, I need to keep my phone from syncing my Google calendar to the internet. I can't have that information out there. I use Gmail for all of my email and contacts and such, but every time I turn off Google sync on my phone it syncs again the next day. I don't want to just kill all syncing, or I won't get my email anymore. Any ideas? I am also up for finding an "offline" calendar that has the same principals of Google calendar, but has no syncing ability. HELP?!
You're going to have to do a little work...

1) PRIVATE, HIPAA Appts, you need to add to your PHONE calendar. This will prevent them from sync'ing to Gmail. Good news is that when you add an event on your phone, it automatically defaults to your Phone's un'syncable calendar. -- So I would recommend you do this FIRST. Manually add all those HIPAA appts from your Google Calendar to your phone calendar.

2) After you do 1 above, DELETE all the HIPAA appts from your Gmail calendar OR if the majority of your appts were HIPAA appts, then simply DELETE the ENTIRE Gmail calendar. You do this online in the Calendar settings.

3) Add back into your GMAIL calendar any appts you share with family, friends, etc. Those will automatically sync down/up to your phone. If you add them on your phone, make sure you select your Google calendar when you add the event.

The phone will distinguish between your Phone appts and Gmail appts with different color bars in front of the appt.

Same thing with your contacts...HIPAA contacts, add manually to your PHONE'S contact list, sync'able contacts, add to your Gmail contacts list (easiest to do this part on a computer).

I'm going to assume your HIPAA contacts sometimes email you, so you probably have their email in your Gmail contacts, which is ok. Let that sync to your phone. But once on your phone, you can "link" that email to your Phone's HIPAA contacts, so that you connect their phone numbers with their email addies. Just do one and test the linked contact to make sure that by linking the phone contact to the Gmail contact, doesn't put all the HIPAA contact's into Gmail (as I'm not sure of the outcome of this linking).

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