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Thanks for this. I got it working in all of 2 minutes just using better terminal on my phone instead of using adb.

I'm trying to get 1.2 stable and not having much luck. Quadrant is stable, I get low 1600's on 1.2. And setcpu stress test passes, but I still get random reboots. Could you please explain to me the voltage number in the script for the vsel variable setting? I'm going by another users settings for 1.2 and he has it set at 56. I would like to adjust this value, but I would like some explanation of this number first as to how it correlates to voltage. I am a heavy overclocker on desktops using watercooling, phase change and peltiers in the past, and understand vcore etc. But just the number "56" makes no sense to me. So if someone could please provide a good explanation, that would be great.

Also it has always seemed in the past, that putting the voltage up high won't really make it get to the point of overheating the chip and frying it. Whenever I had the voltage too high on my Original Droid, Eris and G1 they would just reboot before it ruined anything.
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