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Originally Posted by Cilraaz View Post
You have to edit the Here's an example file, which would run the phone at 400/700/900/1100MHz (1.1GHz max):

Line 1 is the maximum voltage the phone will pass to the CPU.
Line 2 is the maximum CPU speed.
Line 3 through 6 are different CPU speed in Hz (from idle up to 100% usage) with voltages (the secondary two-digit number).
Line 7 through 10 are the same CPU speeds in kHz (minus the last three zeros from lines 3 through 6, to put it simply). Note that they are in reverse order. I would assume this is due to how the OS reads the mpu_opps table vs how it reads the freq_table.

What values will be stable for your phone will depend on your individual handset. Just like with a desktop CPU, each handset's CPU is slightly different and will handle overclocking better or worse at different speeds/voltages.
ah well.... even after this, i do not get it at all. guess i will have to wait for something simpler.
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