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I don't eff with Gtalk.

First and foremost, to the OP, I say good first-time post. I'm a new guy myself, so I assumed something of use might be worth contributing to make people take me with at least a grain of credibility at first. It's a good idea in theory. However, my commendations end there.

When I set out to pen a thread of use to newbies and veterans alike, I was trying to go with something devoid of the smarmy, know-it-all attitude that I have come to expect from many tutorials I've read. As fun as it might be sometimes, deprecating those who are new to the scene is only poisonous to us as a whole. The more people we have out there who WANT to mod can only be better for us, but accusing someone of possibly being a moron right from the get-go can do no good for you or anyone reading your post. I suspect the only thing it might do is make you feel self-righteous, but then again, I don't know you...I only know what you've posted. Aside from making fun of the guy who didn't back up his data (where you said "Actually, scratch that, I did say to backup first hah"), so far I've only seen this longer, saltier, diatribe of something I wrote already. Yes...I did spot that. Between talking about the quest for the "ultimate android experience" and my Lego bricks analogy, all you've done is kang my reference guide and the guides I linked to (more on my calling it this in a moment) and call it your own. The reasons I linked to those threads I got the information? A. They said it better than I did first due to the fact that they are the ones who packaged the release, and credit should be given to those who have done the real work, which I see you have either conveniently or inconsiderately left out, and B. Because the support threads beneath the posters who did the actual work pretty much outline any problem anyone has ever encountered with the software, and because the developers themselves oftentimes respond personally to the concerns of the users...something much better than I can offer, being a new guy, and C. Because the user will learn for themselves by reading these threads before they install. Maybe I'm wrong, but we should be teaching users to fish rather than just giving them one.

But aside from the fact that you spent more time talking about the unlikely scenario of someone blaming you for the fact that they may have bricked their phone (which you know full well there is no danger of seeing as how there is a 2.2 SBF, which you should be using to reassure users that they can't do anything to brick their phone and be willing to try it, rather than just trying to scare them) rather than trying to convince someone to root, your general attitude is the most degrading part of the post. You said it yourself, you're a new poster...where do you get off insulting users looking for help? I'm not sure if you've read the FAQ here, but our forum doesn't require users to search before posting...part of the reason I'm a member here...but that doesn't mean that people are morons, nor does it give you the right to treat people that way.

I don't speak for the community as a whole, and I welcome them to correct me if I'm wrong, but in closing, I feel that while your post is helpful, there's plenty of other people willing to help that might seem a little more willing to do it. Like I said before, I don't know you personally...I just know you by the post I commented on, and the user you heckled below. But if you're the type who is willing to laugh at someone who makes the common mistake of forgetting to make a backup, maybe you're not the type who should be trying to help anyone.

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