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I don't eff with Gtalk.


I totally agree that it works well for some people. But the delivery depends on the context, and it's more like a new user is walking in like he owns the place and telling folks what's what. It's not about's about common sense and working toward a common goal. We're just here to help one can be simple without degrading others, it's been done plenty of times, it just requires a certain degree of tact.

But as I said before, it's all about context. If this were coming from an experienced programmer who is an actual contributer who feels like writing a tutorial like he's Dr. Cox from Scrubs, that's one thing. But this is some guy we don't even know who is insulting his core audience that is important to a modding community that is already too small as it is. Lots of people choose not to mod due to the exact air of this post and many others like it. Information is a powerful thing when used efficiently, but when used as something to poke fun at a less experienced user it's becoming excessive. It's my aim and the aim of others (I think) to bring this scene out of the basements, off of the workbenches, and into the mainstream...and the geek-like scorn that people are used to when trying to find support for anything electronic is something that will only hurt the scene as a whole. Here: Site Rules/Guidelines and here: Zero Tolerance Policy (ALL MEMBERS READ) are two posts in particular that talk about our policy here. You're absolutely is "the internet", but it doesn't mean that people should be disrespected needlessly. Honey works far better than vinegar...
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