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Originally Posted by paulmz View Post

Unfortunately, I don't know of any other app as versatile as Desktop Visualizer. I tried BetterCut, which lets you assign different icons to apps, but it doesn't let you assign images or resize the widgets (at least I didn't see these options for the brief time I tried it).

I was having problems with the PC Connection, too. It was happening pretty much after I did this setup, but I also went through my apps and tried to minimize their use, thinking it would speed things up after adding so many image widgets on the screens. But I would have to reboot everytime I needed to connect to the computer, and after rebooting I was killing tons of apps that first load on a fresh boot. I found that I accidently kept killing "Obex" and "Sync Service"- one of which I think controls the PC Connection. Ever since I stopped doing that, it's been working fine.

I also have all of my Widget Images on my phone memory, and not the SD Card. Gallery finds them fine when you go to "All Images". I know that none of the other Android phones have the mass amount of onboard memory like the Incredible, though.

Sorry this isn't working well for you. I wish I had a DroidX so we could troubleshoot it. If anyone else has any ideas, please, feel free to post your input!

If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.

From all I can see, this just isn't possible. I'm rooted and moved the pics to the /data/local dir (and tried other locations) -- but Gallery doesn't find them because it's not expecting the user to be rooted, so it only "looks" on the SD card. I really don't see a good solution, unfortunately, other than finding another app that handles the pics more efficiently. I tried shrinking the .pngs down to jpegs but it made no difference. I believe I've done all I can do with this and it just won't work on my phone without detriment to the USB connection.

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