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Originally Posted by trk View Post
Agree very much with the last couple posters. I definitely prefer the optical pad. One thing that bothered me from the original leaked image of the device with a 'trackball' was that it didn't have a shadow like a three d ball should even in direct light, but I just assumed it was and took everyone elses word for it. It may have always had a optical or touch pad of some sort. Was I just making that up in my head because I didn't want a trackball, or anyone else agree with that novice assesment? Thoughts? BTW this really is a meaningless post I know, but I'm bored at work and it's too friggin cold to go outside and smoke.
Totally agree. Thought it was a trackball because what else would it be. Now, though, I can see a lack of depth that would make sense if it was a trackpad. I actually like the idea of no moving parts to gum up. I'm excited about this feature, among others. Can't wait for this phone to get announced, let alone released!
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