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Originally Posted by MrlnZ View Post
Greetings all – longtime lurker. I am currently running velocity v0.3 with apps2sd on the stock sd card. Understandably, it has been buggy (i.e. FC’s and kernel panicks) as many in the forums where quick to forewarn about using the stock sd card. As I understood it the Ally came with a class 4 card, however after some research my card is actually a class 2. My device is about 5 weeks old. I am curious if others’ cards are class 4 or class 2? The reference I am using is:

SDHC (High-Capacity) - SD Association

I don’t have a complaint about the ROM’s performance (I was more than adequately forewarned about the stock sd card), just curious if they have downgraded the card that is currently shipped with the Ally?
Thanks to everyone’s hard work I thoroughly enjoy tinkering with my phone and the people who have put the work into this device make it easy!
i had a big problem with velo 3 with my stock sd. i upgraded from a class 4 4gb a class 10 8gb for 30$ and formatted it like in this post and and stopped crashing on me. my gf had a class 2 on he froyo droid. after the upgrade.... omg it was like greased lightning lolz
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