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just my opinion;
never swerve, slow down if you can, hit it if you cant help it.

ive driven since i was 14 (legally) and im 32 now accident free. (thank God).
ive even run over a little girls puppy in the road right in front of her, was terrible but beats a roll over.
i drove a flatbed semi over the road for two years.

think of two pennys by each of your tires, they represent traction.
if you brake hard then that takes away a penny each from your front tires leaving only one penny at each front tire for traction.
if you swerve that takes away a penny each from the front tires for the traction to turn that fast.
if you do both at the same time, guess what? you just ran out of traction.

top that putting a something thousand pound vehicle into an unexpected, unprepared for swerve shifts weight to fast and asks for a roll over or worse (leaving the road or staying on).
on a different note for rigs;

(involving head ons and not animals).

when i drove a rig (think 80,000 lbs.) they trained us that if someone came into your lane and you couldnt stop, do not swerve, hit them.
sounds bad but if your pulling a trailer with 50,000 lbs. of cargo chained to it its safer for the other people around you not to swerve and throw that trailer or cargo around the roadway.

now of course in this case we're talking about a rig vs. a car/truck.
if i were driving a car/truck i probably would very seriously considering heading off the right side of the road to avoid a head on with another driver.
but i wouldnt go left, the chances are to high of the other driver realizing their mistake and coming back into their lane and still having a head on.
anyway, in my opinion; make animal meat.
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