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I swerve if I'm able to and based on extremely quick judgments. Obviously, I'm not going to swerve so much that I roll over and risk dying or swerve into another lane and hit an incoming car, which can definitely get me and the others killed. If I CAN swerve, then why not? It would save the life of a creature.

I value the lives of animals but not more than my own or any other driver around me. It's incorrect to judge that way.

Side note: What would happen if a dog that one loves is in the street? Would one act differently? If you have never loved a dog, then you can't understand.
i started to write a response, but really the other guy did it perfect.
i hope you reconsider your beliefs in your driving ablility and your ability to predict situations on the road.

i have covered many many miles and im not speaking out my butt, this is experience talking. a lot of it.

ive seen so many accidents that i stopped even looking after a while.
ive seen a lot of crap on the road i dont even want to get into.
your commute to work will be the most dangerous thing you do all week.
please be safe out there.

here are some things to think about that people dont do often enough (again, my opinions; i take no responsibilities).

- signal BEFORE you change lanes. if people dont make room for you, throwing on the signal and swerving over is not the answer. signal ahead of your lane change and come over confidentially but slowly.

-always check your blind spot. laziness causes accidents and kills motorcyclists.

- scan your surroundings constantly. if your eyes arent moving your a lazy driver. look as far down the road as you can and back. side to side. check mirrors. if you go into a curve you should have scanned down your path around the curve as far as you can see already. looking for cars on the shoulder or whatever. your peripheral vision will cover you up close as you look down the road.

-DO NOT be a sheep. stop staring at the bumper of the car in front of you. dont just follow them. i watch people go through our barricades all the time. one will go and the other will follow. you should know better then to think other people have common sense. use your own.

- LEAVE MORE SPACE. you are in a moving vehicle. leave enough space to react between you and the vehicle in front of you. this one is the biggest accident causer.

- dont play with your toys, yell at your kids, fix your hair, put on your make up, talk on the phone. driving is one of those odd tasks that requires more effort then people realize to do right, yet doesnt require much effort to do....and yet a split second of distraction and everyone is going to a funeral.

- speeding and rushing. sorry your late. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED SOONER. and get a load of this; i can tell you from experience that even when your driving hundreds of miles....5 mph. will not get you there that much sooner, let alone the distance the normal person is going. top that, oddly enough when your in town....sometime get in the slower lane and when the light ahead of you goes red, let off the gas and just cruize easy to the'll find while everyone else is wearing their brakes and burning their gas stopping and starting are catching the light they turned green and going on by them or going much easier on your vehicle. and still getting to the same place the same time as they are, if not sooner. (i love taking it easy and passing on by the guy that blew by me in a big hurry and is sitting at the light as it goes

- walk around your vehicle before you drive it, kick the tires.
yes, kick the tires. if your gonna be to lazy to check them, kicking them will give you some idea if they are low on can feel a slight difference. plus walking around helps you notice lights out, things behind the vehicle, leaking fluids.

- wear your seatbelt. (sadly, this is where i fail).

im gonna stop now.

if you took anything from this, take these especially;
more space, scan with your eyes on down the road and around...., signal your intentions, slow down (you'll get there the same time- leaving early is the awnser to your tardiness), seatbelt, dont be a sheep.

think i didnt need to say all this cause everyone already knows and so do you? think again.

again, just my opinions. ive been wrong before. you make your own decisions and take this for what you want from it or think about it.
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