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Perhaps the death of your band director is an underlying cause of your exhibited dislike for animals? Also I would recommend assuming that is what your band director thought and flying with it. I'm deeply sorry for the death of your band director and your aunt. It's a tragedy that was a mistake.

When it happens, I'll let my instincts and whatever else take control. If I find myself so shocked and surprised that I just try to slam on the brakes, then let that be. If I find myself with plenty of time (as in like seeing the animal from a distance), then I can quickly think of what to do. That is not negligence. Don't underestimate the power of the human brain.

It seems to me that you tend to lack compassion for animals from your posts.
if you had enough time to predict your swerve or carefully drive around....then you had enough time to stop.

i think the question was more stated for the sudden response situation.