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Originally Posted by Vihzel View Post
Was this lesson just for me? or for everyone? It was great, but I don't understand the intent of this. I could've written all of that out (well besides the kicking the tires... I never do that since my indicator works and I know that I'm not supposed to always trust it).

I already do everything that you mentioned (again, aside from kicking tires) already, especially signaling and checking blind spots. The fastest I go is 5mph above the speed limit because I know that anything faster than that can get you pulled over but for the most part, you wont be if you stay within 5mph above the suggested speed limit.
for everyone, including you....
sort of turned into a lesson instead of a response. though spurred by my concern for your possible over security in your driving abilities and thought process as i took it from your response....that you could decide in a split second if it was safe to swerve or not....
but for everyone. (including me).