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Originally Posted by Stang70Fastback View Post
You sound like the kind of person I do NOT want driving behind me...

As for making sound decisions about road conditions in the blink of an eye, this is something any good driver does many times a second whenever they are behind the wheel... if you just slam on the brakes whenever something pops out in front of your car, you really haven't got a good grasp on the idea of "reacting to the situation at hand."
that assumes you are a good driver.... One thing is for sure.... I have never met anyone that says "yeah, I'm not a good driver" Everyone thinks they are good, no matter how many wrecks they have been in, or how many tickets they have had.

you would rather be in front of me than behind me.... I have never been in any wrecks, never got a ticket and I never tailgate. Plenty of reaction time and that has helped me avoid having to make those split second decisions that have cost my band director his life.

But, I'd rather hit you straight up the ass (dang, now I DO sound like Vihzel) then to hit the shoulder of the road
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