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Originally Posted by Stang70Fastback View Post
That was my point. If you ARE a good driver, you will be able to judge and react accordingly. People who suck at driving simply slam on the brakes and scream.
is that how you really picture it? Far from it... it's just simple understanding that you have the most control going straight forward, on the pavement, not heading off in a 45* angle on an uneven shoulder doing 60 mph.

Really? Because given the chance I will probably put my car into a ditch if it avoids rear-ending someone (assuming the ditch isn't lined with C-4...) Firstly to avoid injuring anyone other than myself, and second because if I was in a situation where I would rear-end someone, odds are I wasn't driving smartly.

the way I look at it, the telephone pole I hit, the tree I wrap my bumper around has no 'give', the back of your car does.... I also figure you are protected by your vehicle, unlike the little kid on the side of the road I didn't see and ran over.

I don't care who you think you are, you can't control your car like you think you can when you swerve off the road to avoid an animal who very rarely, gives you warning of his impending actions.

I frequently travel the road my band director died on. I periodically see deer on the side of the road. I try to be on the look out for them because of all the deer. I've even seen those on the side of the road. I slow down, sometimes 30 mph, make sure both hands are on the wheel, and foot over the brake... But I'm going straight ahead. I don't flash my lights, or honk, or do anything like that, I just make sure I'm as prepared as I can.

Funny story about my uncle and aunt. I was riding with that uncle, my brother and his gf and we drove by where my aunt did that, so we had my uncle tell the story to my brother's g/f who wasn't around to hear the story prior. My brother was driving and I asked everyone at once "if an animal comes out, do you swerve or hit it head on. Brother and uncle said "HIT IT" (my brother actually said "hit it like Dale earnhart at 230mph but I digress, lol) his g/f said "swerve" that's when they told her the story. But just as soon as they got done telling her the story, an oppossum shot out from the side and shot across the road. My brother ran the bastard over and his g/f started crying and yelling at him. He told her to STFU and asked if she heard any of the story they just told her. I mean, we had JUST got done with the story when it happened.

But, she's like most on here, they think they have everything under control and believe animals have souls based on their cuteness levels
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