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One thing that I feel any driver who thinks they are good/competant in the least bit should do, is that a track course with your daily driver. and take one of those devensive driving courses. Basically get as much experience as possible in thier car they are going to own in as many extreme conditions as possible. I drive a Front wheel drive Cobalt SS, but I still take it up to the lakes every winter and do a few ice races not for the fun but so I can get used to my car in extreme conditions, and since tons of things will change from year to year I do it every year.

During the summer Ill take my car to the strips, and tracks for fun, then maybe the next week ill go with my street tires, again to get a feel for how my car is handling in potentially dangerous ROAD conditions.

Now i'm not a good drive by any means I leave that to the people who drive for a career, I would say im above average but for me its a hobby and a means to get from point A to point B, I do most if not all maintenence and repairs on my car so I can learn it as well as know whats actually done.

with that said. I am still going to "swerve" to avoid an animal. You can throw all these situations at me, but end of the day I am still going to drive the way I do and am comfortable doing so.
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