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I don't swerve to miss animals. I will however move around them when the situation sees fit. In other words, sometimes it would be more dangerous to slam on your brakes or just hit an animal rather than cut to the left a bit and avoid it.

Originally Posted by mcatdtDROID View Post
I have never met anyone that says "yeah, I'm not a good driver" Everyone thinks they are good, no matter how many wrecks they have been in, or how many tickets they have had.
i know plenty of people who admit they are bad drivers

Originally Posted by mcatdtDROID View Post
But, I'd rather hit you straight up the ass (dang, now I DO sound like Vihzel)
WOW. That was rude, even for you.

My thread about music players gets moved to "Incredible support and troubleshooting", but that post hasn't been edited for offensive material. The mods have been a touch disappointing lately.
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