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Originally Posted by mcatdtDROID View Post
I know my car... it handles taking a deer head on MUCH better than it handles a telephone pole or flipping multiple times.

I know my car... it handles rear-ending you MUCH better than it handles a telephone pole or flipping multiple times.
You and your car both handle "none of the above" or a skid much better than either of your options, so start paying more attention to what's around you and learn how to handle a car better.

YOu are completely ignorant if you think you can ALWAYs prevent a rollover. It's what my band-director thought... that he could control it.

It's what the girl last summer who tried to avoid a dog thought right before she flipped her car killing herself instantly and leaving her best friend in a vegatative state

it's what my aunt thought right before she stuck her car in the ditch with her 2 infant sons while avoiding a dog.
And you are completely ignorant if you think every maneuver results in a rollover or slamming into a ditch. Using the results of inexperienced drivers as an excuse to not even attempt the thing that they screwed up is poor justification at best. Before you even bring up your band director or aunt's years of driving, that doesn't matter. There are many people with 40 years of driving under their belts that are completely and utterly inexperienced in actual car control. These are the driver that find themselves choosing between running into things or swerving wildly and then having no idea how to recover.

Insurance fixes my car, your car. We are not going to die with me going straight ahead.
Are you sure? What if you're cruising along at a legal 55 mph and an inattentive driver pulls out of a driveway right into your path? Your "no swerving -ever" policy will likely kill them and probably seriously injure you and any passengers. A driver with decent car-control skills and situational awareness would know where they could go to minimize damage or even avoid it completely.

However, I could die if, while trying to avoid giving you whiplash, or saving a soul-less animal's life. It could kill everyone in the vehicle with me.
Only if you are not aware of your surroundings and/or have no car-control skills.

no chance of dieing and killing a deer or dog or rearending you vs a chance to die taking unsafe, evasive manuevers. hmmmmm, wonder which one I take
Driving isn't a True/False test, there are far more options than that; most of them much better. On top of that, if you are in a position to possibly rear-end my car, you were following too close. The option I've taken personally many times over my driving career is: Swerve in the direction I know there are no obstacles and go on with my day.
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