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Originally Posted by mcatdtDROID View Post
or any animal?

If I see an animal in the road, I never SWERVE. Swerving leads to losing control potentially and I'd rather take my chances going head on with a dog/cat, or even larger animal like a deer, rather than potentially rolling my vehicle. I do reduce my speed.... but if I realize I can't stop, and I'm going to hit them... straight on is better than nothing.

This is risk reward choice for me. The potential reward for swerving and missing the animal does not outweigh the potential risk associated with swerving.
I live in the country. My average off interstate speed is 55. I swerve to miss animals on a nearly daily basis.

I've never had an accident.

I've never hit anything big enough to damage my vehicle.

It's all about situational awareness.
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