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Mine just went out all at once. Which also was really crappy cause it happened friday afternoon and I haven't had the chance to charge it all morning. So by the time I got to the sprint store I had maybe 30 min worth of battery on it. I told that it just stopped charging all of sudden. They plugged it up and saw that it wasn't charging and then told me they're ordering a new one for me. So I was without a phone all from Friday night till Monday after work when I could pick it up. Now they didn't charge me anything for the exchange but I'm still waiting for my bill to come up. I've had problems with them replacing phone before back before I got my evo and they decided to charge me the replacement fee for a defective phone(got that taken off) and also have tried to put me on a 2 year agreement. When I haven't been on an agreement since 2006. Yea got that off too as well. So well see soon since my next bill is coming up in a few days. I might have another fight on my hands.
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