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Originally Posted by saps View Post
So we have long wondered if we can get rid of TouchWiz altogether. Maybe you already knew this but I didnt. So despite the fact that this linked thread below is like 6 weeks old apparently I missed it the whole time till today.
Replacing stock launcher - xda-developers
Bottom Line: Copy LP or ADW .apk file [com.fede.launcher.apk for LP] in data/app and paste in system/app. Then in system/app rename the TouchWiz30Launcher.apk to TouchWiz30Launcher.old. Reboot. Its literally a 35 second process in RE. Took longer to reboot and than to copy and paste this.
The most notable change to getting rid of TW is when you go to put a new shortcut in your LP dock, it usuallly take what 10-15 seconds for the app list to come up if you pick Apps right? Now its instant. Everything else seems as fast or faster than before. I for one am glad I made this move. I do recommend this to all using LP or ADW. If anyone still does not have RE [Root Explorer] its well worth $4 or whatever it costs thesedays, you cannot do this with Astro.

Also on a semi-related note I have uninstalled AutoKiller as well and am seeing how I do without it. But thats another matter.
For what its worth, Touchwiz isn't too bad, but i just never liked the fact that you can't put the Google Search widget while using Touchwiz (you have to use Launcher Pro for that), but I found a post can't seem to find it, but it mentioned the installer for Touchwiz from the Vibrant, which had google search. I used root explorer (great program by the way) and replaced touchwiz with that of the Vibrant, and it works great, plus you can have the Google Search widget on one of your screens, its way better now!
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