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Originally Posted by bezerk19 View Post
For what its worth, Touchwiz isn't too bad, but i just never liked the fact that you can't put the Google Search widget while using Touchwiz (you have to use Launcher Pro for that), but I found a post can't seem to find it, but it mentioned the installer for Touchwiz from the Vibrant, which had google search. I used root explorer (great program by the way) and replaced touchwiz with that of the Vibrant, and it works great, plus you can have the Google Search widget on one of your screens, its way better now!
yeah touchwiz isnt THAT awful really, but when you use a 3rd party launcher thats so much quicker and more feature-filled than you learn to resent it. IMO sense is the only "good" oem skin and even then the lack of resizable widgets irks me.

i await the day (and i may be waiting forever ) when samsung/htc releases a vanilla android phone that doesnt have a major internal error passed off as a failsafe (g2) or a screwy file system (samsung).
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