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Now maybe this has been covered and I just missed it.
If so would someone mind pointing me in to a quote or a correct thread.

How do you Properly do a backup with Drellisdee's recovery once you have apps 2 sd enabled on your phone.

I love wiping my phone all the time and playing with different roms... So
When I have apps 2 sd I have been doing a Nand back up the regular way. Now I flash to say Raptor.... BUT before I would do this I would Data factory wipe, cache wipe, dalvik wipe, and finally SD ext partition wipe.
I then put on the ROM, play with it for a few hours and then want to go back to my main ROM. Now when I do this I wipe all of those same things again. I then put on my Nand back up that was done the regular way and poof almost all of my apps are gone. the only ones left are the ones that come stock with that ROM.

So I am assuming that Drellisdees Recovery is not backing up the SD portion where my apps are now located thus when I put that Nandroid on there all of those apps are gone. I am sure there is some way of Backing it all up I just have missed that illusive step. Again guys sorry to be so Dumb. I sure do appreciate any help on the proper way of doing this.

Thanks guys

p.s. you can PM too if that is easier.
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