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First of all, thanks for compiling all of this information in one place. As a new Android user and Droid X owner, it would have taking me several hours (or much more) to search many forums to find all of this information.

However, as you are a new user and this thread is not stickied, I was compelled to research all of your steps completely to make sure they were accurate. It would be very helpful if you had cited sources for each section, or even at the end. You obviously had to search and find these in the first place, so it would be helpful for OCD neurotic people like myself to easily find the original threads for more details, and of course to give others credit.

That said, everything worked just as you have listed. The only corrections I would add is in Section B DeOdexing.

For step 4 you state:

4. Drag and drop the unzipped 928 BlackGlass onto your sdcard.
This confused me , and I think you meant "un-unzipped" since in step 2 you stated in caps not to unzip this file.

Also, it would help if in step 2 when you mention downloading the theme you provide a link or at least the name of the zip to download "928DroidBlackGlassX-DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME.ZIP". Yes it is mentioned later in steps 10 and 11, but if someone isn't reading ahead first they would miss this.

Lastly, in step 8 I would just remove the note about you personally skipping the backup. It doesn't add to the guide in anyway and makes the step very wordy. Someone seeing this might subconsciously think "oh he skipped it, I'll skip it too!". In fact, you should probably state here in all caps they if they do not backup and they brick they are out of luck

Again, thanks for compiling the information, and I bet if you added sources and credit you might even get a sticky
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