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Originally Posted by paulmz View Post

It's looking really good so far. But (and please, don't hate me, but my OCD makes me do it) I see that the spacing between the widgets is still a bit off. I checked your icons and they are too tall by 1-pixel per row (ie. the 2x1 should be 125px high but are 126px, the 1x2 should be 260px but are 262px, etc.). I don't know where the extra pixel came from, but it's keeping the layout from having a symmetrical 10-pixel space around all of the widgets.

Again, I apologize for "nit-picking". It does look really good. Awesome job on copying the style I used for the original images. It's just like I did them myself! You should definitely post them to share.

It's fun to make things from scratch... you can really call your layout "your own"... right?

No I have OCD too and I don't know how to really fix any of those types of issues so you can nit pick all you want! The thing I don't get is that in photoshop I am putting the demensions the same as you did in your original post, so 1x2 is 110x260, 2x1 is 230x125 and that's what I am putting in photoshop so I am not understanding why it's adding pixels once I get them on my phone if that's what's happening??? Let me know what I can do to figure this out because I would like it to be symmetrical.

I do find it fun to find the images and make the layout my own. Your idea was awesome and I am having fun doing it too. I don't know a whole lot about customizing my Evo I just know there is TONS that can be customized and in a sense too much to make one even want to try, if that makes sense. SO when my husband showed me your layout I was like "ok I can do this." I am coming from the iPhone so doing things such as this to my Evo is a big change for me. So I gave it a shot and look what I can do! lol I will post the ones I have made once I get the chance.
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