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My first post on Android Forums,

Just tried tasker for 3days and i find its one of the best profile apps i've been using.

Some of the profiles i use:

GPS Auto On
Switch on GPS when apps like sportypal, Maps, etc is launched.

Mobile Data Auto On
Switch Data On for apps that require data, switch off after 2-3min of exit app.

Put phone to silent
Off mobile data
Off Wifi
Disable all other Profiles except Emergency Calls
On exit
enable some profiles
AutoReply to SMS

Emergency Calls during Sleep Mode
Disable silent mode for 3min for caller numbers that fit criteria

The combined profile i'm trying to make work together, but does not seem to work perfectly, yet....

Near Cell *this profile turns my mobile data on to get location via network when i'm near cell tower near my home
- turn mobile data on
- turn profile status "Near Home" on
- get location, Net <--task 3
- go to task 3, if %nearhome isn't 1

Near Home(location 200m, net) *When location via network is within 200m of my home, this profile turns GPS on to get more accurate location.
- set %nearhome = 1
- turn mobile data off
- turn GPS on
- turn profile status "50m Home" on
- turn profile status "Near Cell" off
- get location, GPS <--task 6
- wait 30sec
- go to task 6, if %50mhome isn't 1

50m Home, (location 50m, GPS) *this profile turns Wifi on when GPS detects i'm within 50meters of home.
- set %50mhome = 1
- turn GPS off
- turn WIFI on
- turn profile status "Wifi Con" on
- turn profile status "Near Home" off
- wait 30sec

Wifi Connected SSID+MAC
- turn profile status "30m Home"

Wifi Disconnected SSID+MAC *this profile turns Wifi Off when it's disconnected, ie when modem off or i leave home.
- turn WIFI off
- Clear %nearhome
- Clear %50mhome
- turn profile status "Near Cell" On

Suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
I just want my wifi to be auto on when i'm home but not to always keep GPS and data on.. So since cell location is the least accurate, then Net, then GPS.. i switch them on incrementally... But i still can't get it work 100% of the time
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