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Originally Posted by liquid0624 View Post
As far as my post was concerned the other day yea i agree i was little out of align but i was just making a point and standing up for us DEVS who put hours and hours of work into this and get very little in return. I APOLOGIZE if i caused any harm to anyone or think that they had to donate or it was the end of this ROM. I assure you that is not the case i was just having a bad day and vented a bit much and it came out a little twisted. The next installment of this saga is not far off its in final stages of development and testing and should be out by the end of the week!!! Thanks to EVERYONE who has donated to me in the past few days i truly appreciate that and i am really glad to have your support and have such great fans !!! Hopefully you donated because you wanted too not because i was having a bad day and went of the deep end a bit. I am sorry once again looking forward to the future of this ROM for its very bright I should say... Also thanks to the Android Forums team for being understanding and being there for me in times of need

I just want to say thank you for everything you do bro! I didnt flash v1.7 when it was first released nor did I for about the first 2 weeks it was out, maybe even longer! I was still enjoying v1.6!!! I understand what you could be going through with having bad days, I have mine, and im sure we all do my friend!

I, unfortunately, never could get v1.7 to settle down and run at cool temps on my phone for the week-week 1/2 I was on it! I am not using the newest v1.8 (Halloween Edition) either, but I just sent you some more green backs anyway!! Why? Because, no matter who's ROM I may be using, trying, liking, are my number 1 bro!!! I'm serious, I have witnesses man!! Lol, right SoDroid?

Right now, I am using other ROMs strictly for the personal experience bcuz no two, are the same! But I will always, always, come back to you and support you in everything you got going on, regardless!! Seems like you have a lot of supporters man, I am really shocked that you have to stick your neck out there like you do...but I like that willing to take the heat! I felt like I did that when I spoke up about this same topic in v1.6, if you recall? I also am surprised at the small number of support for your team, i'll help out any way I can!!!

Thank you again, also to everyone who has helped me out along the way, there's some really great peeps on here and I feel privileged for getting to know some of you, you know who you are!

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