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Hi, just started looking into android for a few days now, so totally new, but I also have a question about rooting and updates.

The more I read about the slurry of phones on the market, the more I feel like I should be careful which carrier/ui they use on their phones as some either rarely get updated in a timely fashion after an update has been released or just get stuck with a 1.6 update forever.

So if this has been answered I apologize, I looked through every post, but I don't have enough android lingo knowledge to fully understand.

So to my question.

If you have a device that isn't receiving anymore updates due to your carriers UI like MOTOBLUR or Touchwiz or whatever, does rooting cause your phone to basically take off the overlayed carrier UI and revert it back to the standard Android UI featured on the Nexus One allowing you to get updates (froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream, jellybean, kiwi, lollipop, etc) whenever they are released? Or am I completely misunderstanding the benefits to rooting and would my best bet here is just to wait for another android ui phone to hit the market (possibly the Nexus S I'm hoping)?
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