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Originally Posted by dabentley3 View Post
most of the other phones when dropped the screens do not crack. So Maybe verizon should be responsible when there are alot that seem to do so when dropped.
< Rant >
Yes exactly, who would have thought glass would crack when dropped on a hard surface?!? pfft, what a crazy concept.

Wait let me get this straight... you want a company... that has nothing to do with how or who built the phone, be responsible, because you don't know how to take care of the phone and not drop it? Honestly, PLEASE tell me you are joking? And iPhones are known to crack from the SLIGHTEST drop. (And yes I do know, I repair them daily, cool phone, terribly built. Not very durable.) Have dropped my droid MANY times, never a crack in the screen. I constantly leave it on my lap in the car (cause every guy loves their junk vibrated when they get a call, text.) and I'll forget and go to get out of said car and WHAM! Phone smacks the ground... still never a crack in the screen. You do know these things don't double as a blacksmith iron right? Plastic, aluminum, glass... all very breakable.

When it comes down to it... it's your fault.. either buy the insurance, buy a new phone, or pay to have the screen fix/fix it yourself. and you guys sit there and compare the $6 a month to the price you dished out to get the phone, apperently dont realize thats not what the phone costs. They give you the phone for a VERY low price because they make the rest of the money back on your contract term. hence why you have 2year contracts, and early term fees. The actually price of the Droid 2 phone is about $600 (thats the one i have so used it as a baseline). so, $6 a month for 24months = $144 in insurance for a $600 phone... seems worth it to me? And i state this becasue if you go to any mobile company and say, I'm a ****** and broke my phone, i am too cheep to buy the insurance, can i get a new phone free? they are going to change you full retail price for a phone which ranges $500-$600. Ebay your looking about the same price, just make sure it doesnt come from Yeman. < /Rant >
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