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Originally Posted by jonathanmsims View Post
There will be conseratives after today... and I'm so excited about it. Its go time for the new class of conserative republicans. And I used to be a huge liberal. Amazing how growing up will change your views. I have liberal friends, just can't see why people want more and more of their already small checks going to the government. Also, if people want social welfare, give to your church and see how much better the money is used. Not ranting, just want people to wake up. And I do vote for the person. Problem is most democrats believe in a totally different idealology than I do now. Republicans are closer to my morals. But almost no politician is perfect. We need term limits badly. Would get rid of a lot.of.the corruption
I used to be a huge lib too, then I stopped believing all the lies I saw from msnbc, cbs, nbc and CNN and started to research the stuff myself and saw just how bad their reporting is. Alot of people in this country do not care about freedom or responsibility, they would rather have a nanny state to hold accountable instead of themselves, although politicians rarely get held accountable for their actions.
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