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Originally Posted by Adrift View Post
Cdaddy, itsall4tay, njabianco

Can any of you comment on whether or not you have enabled wifi on your phone? This would help greatly in determining what is actually causing the problem.

To reiterate, it would seem the majority of users do not encounter this problem, however those who do, have it reoccur even on a new phone. This would logically lead one to determine it is possibly something that these users are doing in common that is causing this to happen.

Myself, and other users, are trying to figure out what this common factor is.
I had wifi on and had the wifi widget installed. I uninstalled any 3rd party software that attempts to control wifi and the problem seemed to stop. This phone is more like a computer and not like a phone OS. As such we will have to reinstall the OS from time to time. I came to this epiphany after 1 hour on the phone with an Advanced Sprint tech about the 9230 glitch. Remember just as with our pc's backup you data. At least until we get 2.0. Still love the phone. I think it is a software problem.
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