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@phases: the point are well taken and fully agreed and will complied.
Also i am presently a Iphone user and i joined this wonderful community in the beginging of Dec 09. Btw,i am also member of two other Iphone communities.
I am here to get more info on the Droid and i have learnt alot since then. Just you know, I found that the people in this community are very helpful and are very very passionate about their Phones and are ready defend their turf. What a common bond.
There is a difference between passion and arrogance. The iphone users are the latter.(I used to feel that way too)
They cannot take an simple factual comparison. All the iphone is,a glorified toy and the the Droid is a adult laptop, i said that because my laptop can do multi-tasking.
We all concurred that nobody and nobody,yes no body beats the iphone in games apps that's is why we all agreed it's a GLORIFIED toy. They don't like that.
BTW, I am here to learn about the Droid (ANDROID) and if the topic comes about the iphone among our COMMUNITY no one should get agitated. After all, this is a android forums. I suggest no more Iphone bashing want more DRIIIIIIIOOOOOOOODDD bashing!
There are three Iphone sites, please go to the area where you belong.You are welcome here if you decide to change your Iphone to any android phones like me ( I'll be changing my Iphone (sell) come early 2010 when the Milestone officially launched in canada.) It took me 10 mins when I went acrossed the U.S border on U.S thankgiving to tried out the Droid and that was it. My decision were glorified computer or a glorified toy and preferred the former.
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