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Originally Posted by nobdoor View Post
Does google voice route incoming calls to your cell phone?
For me? No because I do not have a cell phone 'line' to route them to.

But you could route calls to a cell, or any phone number for that matter, if you have one.

Originally Posted by nobdoor View Post
So I can dial your free phone number and you can pick it up?
If you mean me, no. If I had actual cell phone service then yes. Gv will forward all calls to whatever number's yours.

In my case, If you need me to pick up, you know, actually answer the phone when you dial, you'll have to skype me or call my skype number. (now you got me thinking I should forward all gv calls to my skype number... hmmm...)

Originally Posted by nobdoor View Post
Or does it route the call to your voicemail box so that you can only receive voicemail messages via that phone number?
Yes. And that's exactly what I use gv for. (+ free phone-number to phone-number sms texting).

If you call my number, you will go right to voice mail, and if i'm in a wifi hotspot, my evo will beep me that I've got a new msg and I can play your voice mail or read the transcript (which is more comical than useful), then I will call your number back with a voip-to-phone app. Probably with fring cuz of the lower rates than skype.

If i'm not in a wifi hot-spot when you call, I'll get your msg when I 'roam' into one.

Mainly, my contacts and I just text each other all day anyway because we're all supposed to be working
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