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Originally Posted by amlothi View Post
First, why are you using shortcuts to do this?

If it were me, I'd set up a profile with "application" as the context. You can select multiple applications here, and the profile will be active when any of them are the main (in use) app.

Then, have it turn mobile data on as the task.

This way, if you switch apps to another application in the list, the profile never turns off and just remains active.

Second, I expect the answer to your questions is that there is a collision. Each task will have a setting for what to do if there is a collision event. I believe the default is to ignore the newest task.

So if Tasker is trying to turn off Mobile Data at the same time as it tries to turn it back on, the collision will occur and the second task will be ignored.
Thank you for answering.

An "app" profile does not work with apps that require mobile data (CDMA) because the app is loaded first and either crashes or the loading pauses and asks you to turn on data manually.

That is the reason for using individual tasks that first turn data on, wait a few seconds (to allow it to "stick") then load the app.
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