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Originally Posted by starflorida View Post
Thank you for answering.

An "app" profile does not work with apps that require mobile data (CDMA) because the app is loaded first and either crashes or the loading pauses and asks you to turn on data manually.

That is the reason for using individual tasks that first turn data on, wait a few seconds (to allow it to "stick") then load the app.
2 points first, then a question.

The problem with using shortcuts is that if one app calls another app directly (in your case App Brain link is opening the Market app) that isn't going to use your Tasker shortcut at all. It's just going to open the app directly, and ignore Tasker.

The shortcut only works if you manually tap the shortcut you created on your home screen. And, as I said above, if you click two of them too quickly you might have problems with collisions causing one task to abort.


Why is your mobile data turning off?

I assume your shortcut to open an app has tasks such as this:

1) Mobile On
2) Wait 2 seconds
3) Open App

Shortcuts should be treated as an event, not as an active profile, so there should be no settings restoration (Mobile Off) or exit task.

There must be something else turning off your Mobile Data after you have used a shortcut to turn it on.
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