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Originally Posted by MarkusIscariot View Post
Hi Uncle Mike,
I'm trying to do something similar using your code to let my phone know whether I'm driving or not. The idea was when I leave home (my wifi disconnects) my gps turns on, it uses %loc data so if spied is greater than e.g. 4m/s then this is driving (will then be used to change call settings etc)
The problem is updating the %loc data - I've used what you've done but its not working and I have a few questions...
Essentially, in what order does Tasker manage nested profiles? Your "Parked Car" send to run "Wait..." before it runs "Get..." "Wait..." then seems to set carloc to %loc BEFORE running "Get...", and then closes "Get..." which I didn't think had been started yet...
Please help! :-(
And thank you, I'm already much closer thanks to you!
I had to go back and see what I wrote, which was about 6 weeks ago. Since that time, Tasker has the added ability to force a current GPS fix, so I would probably re-write the whole thing. I think it's best to start from scratch at this point. What iis it you're trying to do?
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