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Originally Posted by cyben76 View Post
For app to switch on data automatically, this is what works best for me:


1) Variable set %MOBDATA to:ON
2) Mobile Data set On

Exit Task
1) Variable Clear %MOBDATA
2) Wait 1min
3) Mobile Data Off, if %MOBDATA isn't Set

The reason i created variable %MOBDATA is because to prevent Mobile Data switching off when i exit an app and reopen another app within that 1min wait. As long as i keep opening apps that requires mobile data it will not switch off.

It works with all apps, except Glympse cos it closes when it detects mobile data is off, workaround i open browser to get mobile data on then i open glympse.
Sorry to say, after additional testing, your profile does NOT work for me.

Maybe you are not on a CDMA network and that is why it works for you.

It only worked for me clicking on appbrain because that app does not need data connection to launch as the first screen is a menu.

Profiles with application context load the app first and then connect to 3G and apps line maps, nav, market etc. pause at start and ask you to turn data on.

So far I was only able to make it work is with Tasks.

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