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This is android, dont expect too much credit for creating guides based on info you have been told.
Ive written numerous guides and processes for the galaxy and they were posted all over the place. It doesnt bother me as my purpose here is to help and not to get credit. i couldnt give a monkey if people Rip my guides etc.
the odd thank you is nice though.

In my opinion this Guide is ok but in retrospect i actually find it more vague than other guides out there which is kind of ironic considering your purpose was to give a more indepth and noob friendly view of rooting and flashing.

1. Root with unrevoked3
you dont go into how to do this properly making sure all drivers are installed before hand and linking to the hboot drivers for unrevoked as its not actually obvious from their site.

3. Backup app data to sd using titanium backup and my backup pro
what data? you want to avoid system data/settings etc

7. Once that is completed, Turn off the phone, and boot into custom recovery (clockworks mod)
you dont explain how - like you said yourself other guides makes assumptions you know enough to do certain things but many dont

8. Do a nandroid backup - I cannot stress the importance of this enough. (Also, a well documented issue with unrevoked is that this ^^ can cause a boot loop). This happened to me, and boy did I freak.... but really its simple....To fix, simply restore your nandroid backup from a minute ago.
again how? its not documented as nandroid in recovery, people who know the environment well enough knows what this is but its actually "backup and restore"
You should also mention that people should scroll and select with the trackpad once in recovery as if they use power it will just switch off the screen (as someone has done earlier on and the other day)
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