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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Little did i know that the first book was only a prequel and the actual books seem to be massively long. Just started book 5 and OMG they are incredible. Really getting immersed in the world. Found out there was a TV series for it as well, (08-10). Just DL'ed it and it is pretty enjoyable. Any fan of SOT should give it a watch. I pretty much am spending every possible moment reading. Almost started reading on the drive home this morning, lol. Red light... can get at least 3 pages done before it changes!
SOT is one series that I can reread over and over. If you think the SOT books are long, try WOT. Both series grabbed me and kept me so engrossed, I never noticed how long the books are. After reading about the Legend of the Seeker TV series here, I will have to get it. I'm right there with you, trying to read at a the stop lights.

Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Brandon Sanderson is a hell of a writer. His Mistborn series is Excellent! It ranks up there with Weeks' NightAngel series.
I caught the mistake too late to do anything about it until this morning. Brandon (I don't know why I keep wanting to call him Brian) Sanderson is local to me (He lives just south of here in American Fork). Haven't read any of his work before but now I have to.
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