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Originally Posted by kat3k View Post
The double notifications, default sms and handcent, drove me away from handcent. The solution mentioned in the quote DID NOT WORK on my Evo. And I tried everything else in the area of settings. Has this problem been solved?

I shifted to chomp, paid, and have no problems. The UI of handcent was slightly more appealing to me and I would try it again if that very annoying double notification has been solved.

I know lots of people had the same problem, with disabling notifications not solving it. Anybody know if this is now fixed? It's hard to tell from the market comments.

But back to the thread question, I think both handcent (exc for dbl notf) and chomp are the best out there and have not found anything else to compare.
I just got my evo yesterday. My 1st phone with any kind of apps on it.

My wife and I both got one and I set up handcent on them both last night. I was able to set up mine to only give one notification. She was getting two still so went back to default, I will have to mess with hers later tonight to try to get it set up. It is possible though as I got it working on mine.
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