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When I bought the Eris last December, it was with the full intention of using the phone until my new every 2 came up in August of 2011. I knew that the Eris was not as powerful as the Droid; I knew it was a risky decision to choose the more underpowered one.

I am still following this plan; the only way that I will upgrade early is if my Eris stops working. I want to go as far as I can so that I can buy the phone that is as powerful as possible at the time my upgrade is available.

If I were making the choice now, though, I think that I would wait a bit. It's not just LTE - Gingerbread must be coming pretty soon, and I'd like to see the handsets that come out for that. All of Verizon's current Android lineup are nice phones, but they've also all been out for a while (the D2 Global is the obvious exception, but it's clearly just the D with a SIM slot.) My own inclination is to stay away from HTC, as I find that the Eris has a mediocre radio and seems to have lower battery life per maH compared with other Android phones, so I'd likely stay away from an Incredible anything. If I were choosing now, I think I'd go with the D2 Global or the Fascinate; I think that the DX is a bit too big for my taste, but I'd still be tempted that way.

But, seriously, if you can wait, you may want to; first, to see what's coming either with LTE (which doesn't excite *me* all that much, because I know that most of the places that I will be will likely not be near an LTE signal for a while yet) or shipping with Gingerbread (rather than picking something now and waiting months for Motorola, Samsung or HTC to roll out a Gingerbread OTA.)

But, seriously, just pick the one that you like best and ignore all of the things that we say - none of us are you.
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