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Hey Everyone,

After much frustration trying to root my Eve on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, I gave up and used a linux distro (Linux Mint 9), suggested by another poster here...sorry can't remember who it was It was incredibly easy and took at most 30 minutes.

I used the LiveCD version but will probably put it on a USB key next time.

I've had some experience with linux but I consider myself a major n00b so I'll do my best to detail the issues I had experienced. It's a bit fuzzy now since it was pretty late when I finished. If something is incorrect, someone please correct me =)

I installed sdk on my Desktop.

1) When I installed sdk and jre, I was receiving errors, such as "adb not found" and java errors. I wasn't sure how to add the path to my profile.

export PATH=${PATH}:/home/mint/Desktop/android/tools:/home/mint/Desktop/android/tools/jdk1.6.0_22/bin

2) I also received "error: insufficient permissions for device.

Type to restart the service: adb kill-server
Type to check whether the device is available: adb devices

3) I believe I had to login as root (Administrator for Windows) or "sudo su" on Mint to make these changes. I can't remember whether I received an error but I figured that I needed more access to make these changes.

I hope someone finds this helpful and thanks to everyone who worked on making rooting the LG Eve possible =)
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